Niju Scribe is a growing state-of-the-art medical transcription service provider with an ongoing need for professionals who know they can make a difference. We value the person and the professional that joins our team.

Our goal to excel in quality and turnaround time demands experienced medical transcriptionist professionals and trainees. Please contact us for opportunities and full details on MT jobs listed below including:

Experienced MTs:   (apply)

Minimum 1-2 years experience in MT industry, graduates/undergraduates with good comprehension and listening skills. Average productivity of 400 lines per day with more than 90% accuracy level.

Trainees:   (apply)

Eligibility: It does not require a specialized IT skills but it requires primary skills like good listening and language skills and knowledge of medical terms. He/she can be a graduate/undergraduate.

In our high levels of quality training to the trainees/employees, we lay a very heavy emphasis on training. We have developed in-house, the competency to serve our clients in this highly demanding area. Our structured training and proven methodology ensures faster learning and better retention. Niju Scribe has invested heavily on training programs for our trainees and Quality Assurance personnel. Our trainees receive a minimum of 3 months in-house training before they are put to actual transcribing for our Doctors without the direct supervision of a Senior Transcriptionist. During training the trainees are trained in all departments of medical transcription, medical terminologies, anatomy and physiology, diagnostic procedures, pharmacology, english grammar, comprehension. After successful completion of training, trainees will be put on OJT (On Job Training) for about 2-3 months and eventually occupy the MLS (Medical Language Specialist) position.

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